Electromagnetic Radiation

Is your smartphone making you sick?

EEP your flash new mobile phone in your pocket and you risk "serious harm", according to the maker of the BlackBerry, while Apple admits its iPhone can exceed exposure guidelines.
There is rapidly-growing demand for information about the health effects of radio frequency energy - so much so that early next year Australia's largest mobile retailer Telstra will publish comparison data on mobiles' "specific absorption rate".
Consumers for the first time will be able to analyse phone SAR side by side. The regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), does not produce such information. In fact, phone manuals often do not even disclose the Australian standard for SAR.

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Cell Phone Radiation and Health Effects Part 1

EMR Australia

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EMR Australia offers solutions to problems about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for the workplace, local government, health professionals and the home.

We show you how you can create a safer home environment and a safer workplace.

We provide:
  • meters for measuring exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields and high frequency electromagnetic radiation
  • tools for reducing exposure and interference
  • up-to-date research information and news
  • workplace training for management or staff
  • workshops on Living Safely with EMR
  • resources for dealing with mobile phone base stations for communities and local governments
  • shielding paints and fabrics.
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